About us

About Us

Caramba Tequila is the “World’s Sexiest Tequila.” We as a company are dedicated to keeping our Tequila pure in its process. By adding our own special touches to the aging process, and blending craftsmanship from across the globe, we are able to bring our consumers a new blend of ultra premium tequila.

Every bottle that we produce is imported and produced from the famous region of Jalisco, Mexico. Abundant components such as adequate altitude, rich soil, and the right amount of humidity combine to flourish our own blue agave. Our Tequila is produced by various techniques, many handed down from generation to generation. To satisfy the most demanding palates throughout the world, we have a partnered with a world-renowned master distiller who creates a unique taste in each and every one of our bottles.

As “The World’s Sexiest Tequila,” we pride ourselves on a top quality product. We have mastered the tequila making process and it is our mission and commitment to create 100% ultra premium tequila.


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