About us

About Us

Some say Caramba Tequila is “The World’s Sexiest Tequila.” You’ll have to decide that for yourself. What we can tell you is that Caramba is probably the smoothest tequila you’ve ever enjoyed. And smooth is sexy, right?

Caramba Tequila is unique among ultra-premium brands. It’s the only tequila that comes in seven varieties, including three flavored ones. Every bottle of Caramba is triple distilled for exceptional smoothness. Depending on market needs, Caramba Tequilas can also be certified organic, and certified Kosher.

We use only Weber Blue Agaveā€”the very finest variety, grown in a narrow altitude range, with centers then carefully baked in clay ovens for the most desirable flavor characteristics. After our award-winning and world-renowned master chemist works his secret magic and then properly ages the tequila, the final product is in a class by itself. And ready for you to enjoy!

Being so smooth and with such a pleasant finish, Caramba Tequilas have joined the ranks of fine cognacs and single-malt scotches as a liquor desired among sophisticated connoisseurs for sipping straight up.

Now it’s your turn. Try any variety of Caramba Tequila and you may just find yourself agreeing that Caramba is, indeed, “The World’s Sexiest Tequila.”

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